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Premises Liability – What Is It and How Does It Affect You?

Our team of expert lawyers that specialize in these types of cases can get you the help and compensation that you need.

The laws surrounding premises or houses holds property owners responsible for not keeping their property safe, including the area it’s situated in and its structure.

Property owners are required by law to inspect their rental units before renting them out. They are also required to regularly inspect the common areas of a building, such as entrances, stairs, hallways, laundry facilities, elevators, and parking structures.

Property owners must take measures to fix any and all problems within their property, and/or warn tenants and guest of the unsafe conditions. If this is not done and someone becomes injured by the unsafe and dangerous conditions, the victim may be entitled to compensation through a civil liability claim.

For more than 20 years, Castelblanco Law group, APLC has protected the rights of accident victims due to property owner negligence. Our expert team of attorneys have obtained settlements and compensation of over $1 million for affected individuals.

What dangerous conditions are property owners responsible for?

  • Defective or damaged doors and gates.
  • Defective stairs.
  • Balconies and terraces with structural damage.
  • Slippery or wet surfaces and aisles.
  • Uneven pavement and other hazards that can cause a person to trip.
  • Elevators that do not function properly.
  • Lead paint, asbestos, and other toxic materials.
  • Insufficient security measures.
  • Insufficient lighting.
  • Lack of warning signs.
  • Dangerous pools.

Speak with an expert lawyer to determine whether the property owner is at fault for an injury obtained on their premises. We count with over 20 years of experience representing tenants living in deplorable conditions. Give us a call today.

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