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Slum Housing

What Does the Term “Slum Housing” Mean and How Does It Affect Tenants?

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“Slum Housing” refers to a house that is in very poor condition. Fortunately, California laws provide tenants protection from living in such conditions.

When a rental unit is in poor condition or has features that simply don’t work, it is the landlord’s duty to repair all the issues to ensure that the tenant’s safety is not at risk.

Are you dealing with a slumlord?

If the landlord does not take any course of action to repair
any damages, the tenant may then request the help of a tenant rights lawyer.

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There is no need to keep on living in unsafe and/or unhealthy conditions.

All homes must meet the following requirements:

  • Working toilet, sink, bath or shower in a well ventilated room that allows for privacy.
  • Must have a kitchen with a sink.
  • Each room much have natural lighting coming in through a window or skylight.
  • Windows should open at least halfway of have a fan.
  • Must have safe emergency exits.
  • Main door must have a lock.
  • Must have working smoke detectors.
  • Must have a mailbox with lock.

Castelblanco Law Group, APLC has over 20 years of experience in tenant rights.