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Deplorable Conditions

Are Your Apartment’s Living Conditions Deplorable?

Our team of expert lawyers in tenant rights will help defend your right to decent living conditions.

According to California housing laws, one of the rules that all rental units must adhere to is that they must be structurally well and pest free, allowing tenants to live peacefully and safely.

Landlords must keep all units in acceptable conditions and if any issues are detected, they must take measures to resolve them; otherwise, tenants may file a lawsuit for unhealthy or unsafe living conditions. An experienced lawyer can help you hold a landlord accountable for the poor living conditions of a rental unit.

Castelblanco Law Group, APLC has over two decades representing tenants who have experienced such problems. Know your rights; there is no need for you to keep on enduring unhealthy and/or unsafe living conditions.

There are instances where a tenant is responsible for damages caused by pets, family members, or guests. However, landlords are may still be responsible for unsafe conditions found in common areas and for chronic infestations.

Structural, health, and other safety issues can make a property unfit for people to live in. Don’t wait any longer, give us a call today to get the legal representation you deserve.