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We fight to protect the rights of tenants!

Race, economic, and legal status is not important!

  • Protect the rights of tenants, especially against unjust and dangerous conditions in their homes
  • We help ensure that building managers respect the rights of tenants regardless of race, economic status, or legal status
  • Exclusively represent tenants and stand behind them 100%
  • We have economically priced, competent, and highly specialized legal services

From the year 1999, Castelblanco Law Group, APLC has been fighting against the illegal practices of landlords. Among the disputes between landlords and tenants, we stand behind tenants 100%. During the past two decades, we have helped more than 10,000 tenants recover more than 40 million in compensation for the illegal and unjust practices of their landlords.

The Castelblanco firm is led by attorney Eric Castelblanco, Harvard graduate, who strives to make homeowners and building managers respect the rights of their tenants.

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Does your landlord refuse to fix these problems in your home?

We’ll protect you from this injustice!